Diet starts Monday!

Monday, the day of good intentions and resolutions


Birthday girl

That’s me! Today I turn 38 and I gave myself a bunch of “first times” as a gift

One per day

The waitress took our order and then to my “Where’s the bathroom?” she responded: “In fondo a destra”

What’s the weather like?

You can’t help, there are parents who worry about if you’ve eaten, those who fear that you don’t dress properly and those fixed with weather.

Just landed!

Paco and I just arrived in the UK intend to stay here for quite a while (how much “quite” and how much “while” nobody knows)

Daffodils! I narcisi!

Non crediate che conoscessi davvero il nome di questi fiori, non è da me…
Don’t you even think I knew the name of these flowers, it is not from me …


A Londra per vivere la mia personale “Brexit”, vediamo come va.
In London, experiencing my own “Brexit,” let’s see how it goes.